Quality – our principle

Livio’s aim is to provide high quality IVF-treatments and the best results in the area of reproductive medicine at every one of our clinics. Our clinics always share all their knowledge within the organization according to a system of best practise .

Quality for us is to live up to the patient´s expectations. Care is our philosophy. Care is about listening to the couples, having an open and honest dialog and presenting – in a fair and honest fashion – benefits and drawbacks of different treatment methods, taking into consideration every patient’s unique personal conditions. The objective of this approach is to give as realistic a picture as possible regarding possible outcomes, before the decision about undergoing a treatment is taken.

Quality standard

We have chosen to work with ISO-standards, which are internationally accepted. All of Livio’s clinics are certified according to ISO 9001-2008. We also manage Sweden’s only fully accredited IVF-laboratory (accredited via SWEDAC in 2007 according to ISO 15189-2007). The first IVF-clinic in a Nordic country to be ISO certified, in 2002, was one of our clinics.

Quality standards

We have chosen to work with ISO-standards which are internationally recognized and accepted. Livio Göteborg was the first IVF-clinic in Sweden to be certified, in 2002. Our laboratory was accredited in 1998 according to ISO 17025 as the first IVF-laboratory in Europe, and again in 2007 according to the new standard ISO 15189-2007. The purpose of accreditation, which is voluntary, is to ensure that our methods meet highly set standards of quality control.

Our Improvement process

We continuously work with our quality system to improve its efficiency and results by way of:

  • quality policy
  • aims and action plans
  • statistics
  • patient*- and staff surveys
  • analysis of occurrence reports
  • results from internal and external revision
  • suggestions for improvement by staff and others

Patient satisfaction is measured yearly by means of a survey, KUPP (Swedish acronym meaning: Quality from the Patient’s Perspective). KUPP is today a well established and scientifically evaluated method to measure patient satisfaction. It was introduced into Swedish health care by the Health Care Association.